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    Looking to save Money on Heating and Cooling cost?  

Did you know that the typical Georgia Family spends close to $2160 a year on their home's
utility bills? Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted. The amount of energy
wasted just through poorly insulated windows and doors is about as much energy as we get  
from the Alaskan pipeline  each year. And electricity generated by fossil fuels for a single
home puts more carbon dioxide Into the air than two average cars. By using a few inexpensive
 energy-efficient measures, you can reduce your energy bills by 20% to 50% and, at the same
time,help reduce air pollution.
 Energy-efficient improvements not only make your home more comfortable, they can yield
long-term  financial rewards. Reduced operating costs more than make up for the higher price
 of energy-efficient appliances and improvements over their lifetimes.

Utility bills are increasing every year with the rise in electricity and heating fuel.

It is common to trace these energy bills to an in-efficient component

(windows, doors and insulation). At Home Energy, we offer a 21 pointcheck system to evaluate
the performance of your home and generate a list of needed  improvements.  It may be as simple
as just bringing your attic insulation up to an R-49,up to 18 inches of insulation to start saving 35% a year!
The success of Home Energy Inc is down to a customer-focused service delivered by a qualified and dedicated   
 team capable of  adapting to customer requirements. The company is driven by its values of pride, passion
 and excellence.

   Founded in 2003, Home Energy Inc has continued to invest in its people, processes and technology in order to
    continue being Atlanta's market leader in energy efficiency.
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     Georgia Power Credits as of 8/01/2012
  Credit up to:
  Insulation $ 300.00
  Knee Wall $ 150.00
  Water Heater Blanket  $ 50.00